• The UB-3100VECK has the power and performance of a large machine combined with portability need for shops of all sizes. Connect it directly to your machines for “point of generation dust control”
  • Meets OSHA requirements by significantly reducing the amount of airborne particulate in your shop.
  • The UB-3100VECK provides more than enough airflow to collect particulate from multiple machines and is ideal for central installations.
  • The motorized automatic filter cleaning system ensures that the canister filter is always ready for the next use. The optional remote control allows you to start the dust collector from anywhere in the shop.
  • Ideal Dust Extraction System for the woodworking industry and for other industries where fine fibrous airborne dust is a concern.
  • Innovative impeller design ensures a quiet operation.
  • Provides 2200 CFM of airflow; more than enough to collect particulates from multiple machines.
  • The cyclone separator system removes the particulate from the airflow before it enters the impeller
  • The dust collector is mounted on castors. It can be easily maneuvered around the shop.
  • 8″ suction inlet with Wye connector with three x 4″ inlets
  • The 63 gallon steel drum is mounted on casters so it can be easily rolled away for emptying.
  • The Quick Lift lever allows the recovery drum to be easily removed by a single operator.
  • The recovery drum has a window on the side so you can easily see when the drum is full.
  • A Polyliner Bag can be inserted in the recovery drum to facilitate emptying
  • An inner frame (bag holder) is provided to keep the Polyliner in place
  • The final stage of filtration is a canister filter with 1 micron efficiency which prevents fine dust from escaping into the shop
  • The canister filter is made of a pleated media and reinforced with steel mesh
  • Remote control included.

Technical Specs

Specs 113071A4-REM 113072A4-REM
Model Name UB-3100VECK UB-3100VECK
Type (Powerhead) Electric Electric
TEFC Motor Yes Yes
Voltage 208 V 230 V
Hertz 60 Hz 60 Hz
Phase Single Single
Wattage 2220 W 2220 W
Power 3 HP 3 HP
Amperage 14 amps. 13 amps.
Air Flow 2200 CFM 2200 CFM
Vacuum Pressure 11.2 ” H20 11.2 ” H20
Sound Level 78 dB(A) 78 dB(A)
Suction Inlet 8 ” x 4 ” x Three 8 ” x 4 ” x Three
Cart Type Carriage Base (CB) Carriage Base (CB)
Filter Cleaning Automatic Filter Cleaning Automatic Filter Cleaning
Dry Recovery – Bag 63 Gal 63 Gal
Filter Type Cartridge Cartridge
Particle Size 1 1
Filter Surface Area 47 ft2 47 ft2
Length 59 “ 59 “
Width 37 “ 37 “
Weight (Vacuum Only) 395 lbs. 395 lbs.
Height 85.5 “ 85.5 “
Cord Length 10 ft. 10 ft.