• Hydrogen – Risk Free.
  • Immersion Separator “Wet Oil Mix” – Meant to be used with Mineral Oil or any other neutralizing liquid
  • Designed for the recovery and INERTIZATION of conductive and explosive dust, such as Aluminum, Magnesium, Zirconium and other commercial alloys, into a Liquid Immersion Bath
  • Legally certified explosion proof/dust ignition proof.
  • Less than 10 Ohms of resistivity.
  • Coalescing Filter Element (CFE) for moisture removal
  • HEPA Filter – Included with an efficiency of 99.995% on 0.3 micron. Tested: IEST RP-CC001. H14 by MPPS method as per EN 1822 and OSHA compliant. All of our HEPA Vacuum Cleaners are Aerosol Leak Tested before leaving our facility.
  • Pneumatically (air) operated
  • Recovery capacity of 33 lbs. (15 Kg) of dust into 11.8 gallons (45 liters) of neutralizing liquid.
  • Stainless Steel body (type 304) and heavy duty powder coated cart.
  • Equipped with a Liquid Level Indicator.

Technical Specs

Specs 110416
Type (Powerhead) Pneumatic
Venturi Twin
Venturi (diam.) 5 mm
Minimum Compressor 30 HP
Air Line Size (Diam.) 1 “
Input Air Volume 100 CFM
Input Air Pressure 100 PSI
Air Flow 195 CFM
Vacuum Pressure 120 ” H20
Suction Inlet 2 “
Cart Type Detachable Tank (DT)
Filter Cleaning None
Length 40 “
Width 30 “
Weight (Vacuum Only) 273 lbs.
Height 79 “