Scotch-Brite™ Surface Preparation Pads are premium floor stripping pads that strip and prepare wood, vinyl tile, sheet vinyl, marble, terrazzo and concrete floors for finish applications, using just a neutral detergent or water. It removes stains and visible scratches as well as tackling hard-to-clean floors with a deeper clean than a black pad, without the harshness or scratches. Improve safety – no slippery residue from stripper, no stripper cleanup, no chemical contamination, just neutral cleaner or water.
  • Aggressively scrubs finishes in preparation for recoating
  • Optimised mineral abrasives leave less hazing and scratching than sanding screens
  • Surface preparation pad can be used with water or neutral cleaners, eliminating the use of harsh stripping chemicals and leaving no slippery residue
  • High-quality nylon fibres are coated throughout the pad with resin and abrasives, providing a consistently aggressive cut
  • Versatile pad prepares wood, vinyl tile, sheet vinyl, marble, terrazzo, and concrete floors for finish applications


 Brand‎ ‎ Scotch-Brite™
 Colour‎ ‎ Brown
 Material‎ ‎ Non-Woven Fibre
 Shape‎ ‎ Round
 Size‎ ‎ 505 mm
 Thickness (Imperial)‎ ‎ 0.3 Inch