• Designed for the recovery of Chips mixed with Coolant
  • Pneumatically (air) operated
  • Can run continuously without overheating or wear
  • Sieve Basket separates chips from coolant. Chips stay in the basket and coolant is recovered in the recovery tank
  • Liquid recovery capacity of 6.08 gal. (23L) of coolant in a recovery tank and 7.13 gal. (27L) of chips in a Sieve Basket.
  • Filtration system consists of a main filter and mist arrestor pack
  • High density polyethylene recovery tank is corrosion resistant and oil resistant
  • Mounted on a Tilting Cart (TC) for easy disposal of recovered materials.
  • Silent operation
  • Liquid Level Indicator included
  • Drain Hose Assembly included

Technical Specs

Specs 112350
Model Name HOGOIL-57L (TC) AIR
Type (Powerhead) Pneumatic
Venturi Single
Venturi (diam.) 6 mm
Minimum Compressor 15 HP
Air Line Size (Diam.) 1/2 “
Input Air Volume 45 CFM
Input Air Pressure 80 PSI
Air Flow 125 CFM
Vacuum Pressure 190 ” H20
Suction Inlet 2 “
Cart Type Tilt Cart (TC)
Filter Cleaning None
Recovery Capacity – Sieve Basket 7.13 Gal
Wet Recovery Capacity 6.08 Gal