• Pneumatically operated Industrial Vacuum Cleaner with Self-Dumping Overturning Hopper for the recovery of large quantities of metal chips mixed with some oil/coolant.
  • The Single or Twin Venturi powerhead with 6mm air jets is mounted directly on the hopper.
  • The internal volume of the hopper is 10.6 cubic feet (300 L). A screen inside the hopper separates the upper part from the lower part. It can recover 5.3 cubic feet (150 L) of metal chips and 40 gal. (150 L) of oil/coolant.
  • The metal chips are separated from the oil inside the hopper. The metal chips are recovered in the upper part of the hopper and the oil is deposited at the bottom of the hopper. The screen can be removed and 300L (10.6 cubic feet) of chips can be recovered.
  • The oil is emptied using the 1″ drain valve.
  • The recovered metal chips are easily emptied using a forklift to lift and dump the contents of the hopper. There is no manual lifting required. The manually operated dumping mechanism is easy to use.
  • Four 5″ (125mm) wheels allow for maximum maneuverability
  • A washable Main Cloth Filter is installed upstream from the venturi

Technical Specs

Specs 112610 112612
Type (Powerhead) Pneumatic Pneumatic
Venturi Single Twin
Venturi (diam.) 6 mm 6 mm
Minimum Compressor 15 HP 30 HP
Air Line Size (Diam.) 1/2 “ 3/4 “
Input Air Volume 45 CFM 100 CFM
Input Air Pressure 80 PSI 100 PSI
Air Flow 120 CFM 195 CFM
Vacuum Pressure 170 ” H20 230 ” H20
Suction Inlet 90 mm 90 mm
Cart Type Carriage Base (CB) Carriage Base (CB)
Filter Cleaning None None
Dry Recovery – Tank 40 Gal 40 Gal
Wet Recovery Capacity 40 Gal 40 Gal