These Scotch-Brite™ Blue Premium Floor Pads can be used wet for regular maintenance of unprotected floors. It is reccommended for dry stripping soft floors; also suitable for dry scrubbing of heavily soiled floors and spray cleaning medium soiled floors.
  • Floor Pad that restores the gloss to dull floors
  • Designed for frequent burnishing with less dust and burning
  • Conformable fibres provide maximum pad-to-floor contact
  • Reversible pad, washable, resists clogging and loading
  • Consistent proven performance with long pad life


 Brand‎ ‎ 3M
 Material‎ ‎ Non-Woven Nylon/Polyester Fibre
 Shape‎ ‎ Round
 Thickness (Imperial)‎ ‎ 1 Inch