The Tecnoil 600 puts together all the main features from the Tecnoil machines: an ample sieve grid for metal scraps, great liquid recovery capacity, an electric discharge pump for liquids ejecting, etc.. . This Tecnoil model furtherly improve the sizes of the tank and adds a tilting hopper for an easy disposal of solid material.

  • Great performances even in continuous duty applications.
  • Massive volume recovery capacity. 
  • Powerful Indipendent discharge pump.
  • Available option for oil filtration down to 6 microns.
  • Able to recover big quantities of dense oil, swarf and sludge.
  • Integrated tilting hopper for easy recovery and disposal of solid material (chips, shavings etc.)


Voltage V – Hz 400-50 3~
Power kW 11
Max waterlift mmH2O 6000
Max air flow m³/h 480
Noise level (EN ISO 3744) dB(A) 78
Filter Type 3D SuperWeb
Surface – Diameter cm²-mm 500
Media – Filtration Nuovo valore
Discharge system Reverse flow
Liquids capacity lt. 610
Solids capacity lt. 75
Discharge speed lt / min 300
Floating device N./A.
Level detector for automatic motor cut off Yes
Dimensions cm 195x72x195h
Weight kg 405