The new Tecnoil 400 IT is a three phase vacuum with high collection capacity of liquids, designed to simplify cleaning and separation operations of oil, coolant and metal chips in mechanical and engineering industries, especially in heavy duty and intensive applications. The vacuum can recover and filter up to 400 liters of cutting oil mixed with metal shavings, and is provided with an automatic motor switch off with full container. Thanks to its discharge system by reversed air flow, it can discharge quickly (150 lt. / min.) the collected liquids, or even faster (300 lt.) by means of an optional independent pump. A tilting hopper with internal sieve basket and reduction gear enables a safe collection and disposal of the solid metal chips and shavings.


  • One single machine to vacuum, separate and recover or dispose the cutting oil mixed with metal chips
  • 4 KW Three phase side channel blower, suitable for continuous duty
  •  Frame with intakes for fork lift truck
  • 100% steel construction
  • Liquids level control with level detector for automatic motor switch, and visual level detector
  • Tilting hopper with internal sieve basket and gear reduction, for collection and disposal of metal chips
  • Fast discharge system of the collected liquids (reversed airflow system, 150lt/ min)
  • Swiveling suction inlet for user friendly handling of suction hose
  • Oil mist and nebulized particles separation system, thanks to the Superweb 3D  double layer polypropylene filter
  • Specific oil proof wheels and gaskets


Filtration system with mechanical protection against oil-mists place between the motor and collection container:

  • First stage: 3D Superweb Filter in PPL with internal fabric (5 micron efficiency)
  • Second stage (optional): a polyester water-oil repellent cartridge filter (OWR-Oil Water Repellent) with PTFE external membrane from 2,7m2 filter area (class H13)


  • Independent discharge pump for liquids
  • Pre-filtration with PPL filters, 300 or 100 microns efficiency
  • Microfiltration of the oils, 90 or 10 microns


Noise level (EN ISO 3744) dB(A) 76
Voltage V – Hz 400-50 3~
Power kW 4
Max waterlift mmH2O 3200
Max air flow m³/h 420
Filter Type 3D SuperWeb
Surface – Diameter cm²-mm 500
Media – Filtration Nuovo valore
Discharge system Reverse flow
Liquids capacity lt. 400
Solids capacity lt. 50
Discharge speed lt / min 200
Floating device N./A.
Dimensions cm 140x70x180h
Weight kg 225