• Static dissipative and grounded.
  • *Cleanroom compatible with ISO Class 4 (former Class 10). Can be used in the Pharmaceutical Industry with optional stainless steel Type 304 cart
  • Designed for the Recovery of Acids and Corrosive Liquids
  • Pneumatically (air) operated
  • Available with a variety of activated carbon including KINA 3® activated carbon for the adsorption of Chloride and acid vapors (HF, HCL, etc). Other types of carbon available. Carbon cartridges must be ordered separately (not included).
  • For liquid recovery
  • Static dissipative acid-resistant polyethylene, nylon and PVC.
  • Available with a 4-wheel dolly, tilting cart or hydro-cart
  • 4-wheel dolly and tilting cart available in stainless steel
  • Includes a complete static dissipative tool kit

Technical Specs

Specs 111436 111437
Model Name SS-ARU-15 EX (HY-C) MRAC SS-ARU-15 EX (TC) MRAC
Type (Powerhead) Pneumatic Pneumatic
Venturi Single Single
Venturi (diam.) 6 mm 6 mm
Minimum Compressor 15 HP 15 HP
Air Line Size (Diam.) 1/2 “ 1/2 “
Input Air Volume 45 CFM 45 CFM
Input Air Pressure 80 PSI 80 PSI
Air Flow 110 CFM 110 CFM
Vacuum Pressure 170 ” H20 170 ” H20
Suction Inlet 1.5 “ 1.5 “
Cart Type Hydro Cart (HYC) Tilt Cart (TC)
Filter Cleaning None None
Wet Recovery Capacity 12.5 Gal 12.5 Gal