Designed for everyday cleaning and light scrubbing to remove light soil, scuff marks and black heel marks. It cleans when damp and buffs when dry. Quickly cleans and removes scuff marks to enhance floor appearance.
  • Uniform distribution of mineral abrasives throughout every pad and not just on the surface ensures impressive performance and a long, useful life.
  • Combination of highly conformable, individually separated and coated fibres helps provide maximum pad-to-floor contact; all together delivering outstanding cleaning results at a lowest total cost.
  • It can also be used for heavy duty cleaning on concrete and industrial floors.
  • Blend of fibres increases friction on floors effectively removing floor finish, black marks and stains.


 Brand‎ ‎ 3M
 Material‎ ‎ Non-Woven Polyester Fibre
 Shape‎ ‎ Round
 Thickness (Imperial)‎ ‎ 1 Inch