• Industrial vacuum cleaner for continuous duty
  • Very powerful machine capable of working with large diameter suction hoses up to 70mm. Perfect for food industry, machine shops, plastics industry, ceramics industry, printing, textiles, heavy clean-up, etc.
  • Regenerative blower with TEFC induction motor rated for continuous duty
  • Includes a Star Shaped Main Filter.
  • Manual Filter Shaker (MFS) system.
  • Upstream filter cartridge for fine dust.
  • Optional HEPA Filter with minimum efficiency of 99.97% on 0.3 micron (installed in the place of the upstream filter cartridge).
  • Detachable Recovery Tank (DT) for easy disposal of recovered materials
  • Filter chamber and recovery tank made of stainless steel Type 304.
  • Sight glass installed on recovery tank.
  • Exhaust silencer for quiet operation

Technical Specs

Specs 111214A1 111214A5
Model Name PLANET 730 PLANET 730
Type (Powerhead) Electric Electric
TEFC Motor Yes Yes
Voltage 460 V 575 V
Hertz 60 Hz 60 Hz
Phase Three Three
Wattage 3000 W 3000 W
Power 4 HP 4 HP
Air Flow 185 CFM 185 CFM
Vacuum Pressure 104 ” H20 104 ” H20
Plug Type Not Included Not Included
Suction Inlet 70 mm 70 mm
Cart Type Detachable Tank (DT) Detachable Tank (DT)
Filter Cleaning Manual Filter Shaker (MFS) Manual Filter Shaker (MFS)
Dry Recovery – Tank 15.6 Gal 15.6 Gal
Filter Type Star Shaped + Cartridge Star Shaped + Cartridge
Filter Surface Area 21 ft² + 10.8 ft2 21 ft² + 10.8 ft2
Weight (Vacuum Only) 305 lbs. 305 lbs.
Cord Length 30 ft. 30 ft.