The LC1100 WD is an industrial vacuum cleaner specifically designed for cleaning and sanitation of the cleanrooms. The white rooms or cleanrooms, are characterized by a controlled atmosphere and an extremely rigid control over the amount of potentially polluting particles present in the same atmosphere. They are used in certain specific industrial fields such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, precision mechanics (especially in the manufacture of composite materials) and electronics (production of chips, printed circuits and other), where you must avoid contamination of the products with the particles suspended in the air.


The LC1100 WD is a perfect vacuum cleaner for cleanrooms, thanks to its complete stainless steel construction, to its special power cord and to the particular assembly system is fully autoclavable and therefore very easy to sanitize. It also guarantees excellent suction performance in a compact and modern design machine. It can suck simultaneously powders, solids and liquids and it is an essential cleaning tool for the cleanrooms, where cleaning is not an option!


  • Ease of dismantling  and maintenance
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Autoclavable (up to 120 °, except for the engine head)
  • Compliant with GMP standards
  • Inbound Filters (H14) and output (H14) as a standard
  • Simple and reliable filter-change system
  • Specific functional, autoclavable and easily disinfected accessories
  • Specific for the suction of humid or liquid materials, whether or not mixed powder.


Voltage V – Hz 230 – 50
Power kW 1,1
Max waterlift mmH2O 2500
Max air flow m³/h 180
Suction inlet mm 40
Filter Type Bag
H14 Upstream absolute filters H14 Standard (U15 optional)
ULPA Downstream absolute filters E10 Standard (H14 Optional)
Surface – Diameter cm²-mm 3.000 – 360
Material – Efficiency IEC 60335-2-69 Polyester – M
Collection tank AISI316 Stainless steel
Capacity lt. 40
Dimensions cm 43x43x73h
Weight kg 27