The iS18 & iS36 provide an ideal tool for all cleaning applications which require heavy duty industrial steam production. Innovative electric coil technology provides constant steam flow, superior to any traditional boiler models, which can be easily and quickly controlled from the ergonomic heavy duty pistol grip where the addition of any required detergent is controlled as well. Switching between equally powerful dry or highly saturated steam, this mobile unit easily removes lubricants, oil, graphite, hard grease and stubborn dirt from equipment and plant machinery.

Continuous Operation
Cable Length
5 metres
Detergent Capacity
5 Litres
Heating Up Time
Approx. 5 minutes
Machine Dimensions (W x D x H) cm
Maximum Power
18 Kw / 36 Kw
Power Supply
400 Volt 50 Hz 25 Amp / 51 Amp