• Low Pressure Hopper
  • Heavy Duty construction and powder coated. Also available in all stainless steel.
  • Unit is equipped with a heavy duty powder coated stand.
  • Designed for the Recovery of wood, plastics, chips, etc.
  • The suction intake and the connection to the power source are Ø4″ (Ø100mm) in size.
  • An Ø8″ (200 mm) Gate Valve is included
  • The following Filtration Systems are available depending on the type of material being recovered: 1) Manual Filter Shaker (MFS) with bell shaped cloth media with a large surface area 2) Manual Reverse Purge (MRP) with conductive spun bond cartridge 3) Automatic Reverse Purge (ARP) with controls/timers with conductive spun bond cartridge
  • Suction and connection hoses for the Pharmaceutical and Food industries are available.
  • Available with a Recovery Drum of 40 gallons (160 L), Recovery Drum on a pallet, or Super Bulk Bag on a pallet