• High Efficiency Cyclone (HEC) – Pre-Separation System for fine dust using the cyclone for inertial separation
  • The suction intake and the connection to the power source are Ø4″ (Ø100mm) in size.
  • The suction intake Y-Connectors are available in: – Ø4″ (Ø100mm) x Ø2″ (Ø50mm) x Ø2″ (Ø50mm) – Ø4″ (Ø100mm) x Ø1.5″ (Ø38mm) x Ø1.5″ (Ø38mm) x Ø1.5″ (Ø38mm)
  • The HEC can be powered by either Low Pressure or High Pressure vacuum/dust collector blowers.
  • High quality SAE 304 construction and compatible with the Pharmaceutical and Food industries.
  • Suction and connection hoses for the Pharmaceutical and Food industries are available.
  • Recovery capacity is 55 gallons (200L). Other recovery capacities are available.
  • This mobile separation system is assembled on a 4-wheel cart (4W) and has been designed for the pharmaceutical and food industries.
  • For high pressure applications, this unit is to be used in conjunction with a central or mobile suction source, and can recover any size of dust, chips or fumes from or within the workplace. The same applies to low pressure – fine dust collection. We have designed this pre-separator unit to be used in hazardous locations for Class II, Division 1, Groups F & G (flour dust and rubber plastics, etc.) as per Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) and must be used in conjunction with certified equipment.

Technical Specs

Specs 112304
Suction Inlet 4 “
Cart Type 4 Wheel Dolly (4W)
Filter Cleaning None
Dry Recovery – Tank 55 Gal