The GB1 is a new breed of dry steam machine.

Powered entirely by rechargeable batteries, this is a world’s first.  Battery powered means it can be safely used in any weather conditions and, because it is virtually silent during operation it can be used in populated areas without causing a disturbance.  One full battery charge provides up to 6 hours of gum busting capabilities and the unique premixed water/detergent tank is heated to become dry steam which dissolves the gum on contact. With some light agitation with a brush by the user, the gum is busted in approx. 3 seconds!

The GB1 was proudly invented in the UK and truly is the most cost effective, fit for purpose unit in the market today.

Up to 6 hours
Detergent Capacity
10 Litre
Machine Dimensions (W x D x H) cm
Max. Vapourising Chamber Temperature
Net Weight
Output Regular
Self Regulated
Power Supply
2 x 12v Cell Batteries125AH
Shipping Weight
Vaporisation Chamber Capacity