• Pneumatically (air) operated Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for the recovery of large quantities of coolant/oil mixed with some metal chips.
  • The Single or Twin Venturi powerhead with 6mm air jets is mounted directly on the recovery tank.
  • The internal volume of the recovery tank is 10.6 cubic feet (300 liters). There is a basket in the upper part of the recovery tank which collects the metal chips.
  • The basket can hold 3.5 cubic feet (100 liters) of metal chips which allows 45 Gal. (200 liters) of coolant/oil to be recovered in the lower part of the recovery tank
  • If the basket is removed (or if it is not used), then 78 gal. (300 L) of coolant or cutting oil can be recovered.
  • The Coolant/Oil is emptied using the 2.5″ drain valve
  • Optional Electrically Operated Discharge Pump is available for emptying the recovered coolant/oil
  • Four 5″ (125mm) wheels allow for maximum maneuverability
  • A floater (liquid cut-off) is installed under the powerhead to prevent overfilling

Technical Specs

Specs 112616 112618
Type (Powerhead) Pneumatic Pneumatic
Venturi Single Twin
Venturi (diam.) 6 mm 6 mm
Minimum Compressor 15 HP 30 HP
Air Line Size (Diam.) 1/2 “ 1 “
Input Air Volume 45 CFM 100 CFM
Input Air Pressure 80 PSI 100 PSI
Air Flow 120 CFM 195 CFM
Vacuum Pressure 170 ” H20 230 ” H20
Suction Inlet 90 mm 90 mm
Cart Type Carriage Base (CB) Carriage Base (CB)
Filter Cleaning None None
Wet Recovery Capacity 40 Gal 40 Gal