• Static dissipative and grounded.
  • *Cleanroom compatible with ISO Class 4 (former Class 10). Can be used in the pharmaceutical industry when equipped with stainless steel SAE 304 4-wheel dolly or tilting cart
  • Designed for the Recovery of Acids and Corrosive Liquids
  • To be used as a recovery unit in conjunction with a vacuum cleaner
  • Available with a variety of activated carbon including KINA 3® activated carbon for the adsorption of Chloride and acid vapors (HF, HCL, etc). Other types of carbon available. Carbon cartridges must be ordered separately (not included).
  • For liquid recovery
  • Static dissipative acid-resistant polyethylene, nylon and PVC.
  • Available with a 4-wheel dolly, tilting cart or hydro-cart
  • 4-wheel dolly and tilting cart available in stainless steel
  • Includes a complete static dissipative tool kit

Technical Specs

Specs 211867 211871 211875 211879
Model Name ARU-15 EX (TC) MRAC ARU-15 EX (TC) ARU-15 EX CR (TC) ARU-15 EX CR (TC) MRAC
Suction Inlet 1.5 “ 1.5 “ 1.5 “ 1.5 “
Cart Type Tilt Cart (TC) Tilt Cart (TC) Tilt Cart (TC) Tilt Cart (TC)
Filter Cleaning None None None None
Wet Recovery Capacity 12.5 Gal 12.5 Gal 12.5 Gal 12.5 Gal