• Less than 10 Ohms of resistivity.
  • *Cleanroom compatible with ISO Class 4 (former Class 10). Can be used in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Designed for the Adsorption of Toxic/Noxious vapors, fumes and odors
  • For wet and dry recovery
  • All Stainless Steel SAE 304 construction
  • Activated Carbon (AC) Drum System contains 55 lbs (25 kilos) of activated carbon pellets
  • Mounted on an SD* 4-wheel dolly for easy maneuverability. Dolly has SD* conductive wheels
  • Includes a static dissipating, fuel resistant, connection hose

Technical Specs

Specs 211011
Model Name AC-25 (4W) EX
Suction Inlet 2 “
Cart Type 4 Wheel Dolly (4W)
Filter Cleaning None
Width 19 “
Weight (Vacuum Only) 117 lbs.
Height 40.5 “