Use 3M™ Trizact™ Diamond HX Discs to restore and bring back the natural beauty of stone floors, simply by using standard floor cleaning equipment. It is faster than a traditional diamond grind and allows you to refurbish your own floors without the need for specialists. The discs consist of precisely-patterned, composite abrasive structures distributed uniformly on a flexible backing. As these structures wear, fresh, sharp diamond abrasive is continually exposed, resulting in uniform, consistent and fast cutting action through the life of the product. Dust-free cleaning process, which minimises sub-surface damage and can cut up to 85% off your costs.
  • Floor pad to turn dull, scratched stone floors into beautiful shine ones
  • Uniform, consistent & fast cutting action
  • Use your existing floor cleaning equipment
  • Sharp, fresh diamond abrasive is continually exposed
  • Fewer steps are required when compared to traditional grinding & polishing
  • Cut up to 85% off your costs


 Brand‎ ‎ Trizact
 Colour‎ ‎ Red
 Material‎ ‎ Diamond Abrasive
 Shape‎ ‎ Round
 Size‎ ‎ 127 mm