Ideal for dry stripping of protected floors or wet stripping with any convenient stripping solution. It can also be used with an automatic scrubber-drier to maintain heavily soiled industrial floors.
  • Uniform distribution of mineral abrasives throughout every pad and not just on the surface ensures impressive performance and a long, useful life.
  • Combination of highly conformable, individually separated and coated fibres helps provide maximum pad-to-floor contact; all together delivering outstanding cleaning results at a lowest total cost.
  • It can also be used for heavy duty cleaning on concrete and industrial floors.
  • Blend of fibres increases friction on floors effectively removing floor finish, black marks and stains.


 Brand‎ ‎ 3M
 Material‎ ‎ Non-Woven Nylon/Polyester Fibre
 Shape‎ ‎ Round
 Thickness (Imperial)‎ ‎ 19 Inch